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Reaching Out

At Christchurch we believe in the amazing news that Jesus Christ died and was resurrected to offer everyone salvation, hope and a future. Motivated by this, we are wholly committed to sharing His message and His love in our community and beyond. To this end, we are involved in a range of projects. Some of these are detailed below. If you would like to know more about the Christian faith contact us.

The Art Space:

d r a w i n g  p e o p l e  t o g e t h e r!

The idea of the ART Space came when a former homeless man from Hitchin’s night shelter, was seeking something to do during the day.  The idea of providing some focal point during the day through art came into being.  Our mission statement is: to ‘model’ Christ’s getting alongside people, and to provide a safe, peaceful and creative environment where people can be welcomed, valued, and respected through artistic exploration.  There are a great group of volunteers who help to make this happen.  They each offer themselves wholeheartedly to those who come and to the project.  To find out more, contact Sheralee Ashby.

… is an intiative to continue and extent the support Christchurch gives to local charities in Hitchin.  Since the initative has begun the project has been able to match people’s generousity with real and often urgent need, for example, whether the need is for a bed, a bike or bedroom furniture.   Meeting Needs is coordinated by Stephanie Kirby.


Lideta is a poor slum community located around the Merkato, Addis Ababa central market.  Christchurch has been supporting Lideta since 2004. During that time we have seen significant evidence of a stronger, more robust and resilient community. Funding continues to support economic development, education health and local churches.  As well as significant practical changes, real progress has been made in changing how individuals and the government think and operate bringing strong hope for the future.

10% of families in Lideta now have a sponsored child.  33 of those children are sponsored by members of the Christchurch congregation.  The sponsorship ensures each child is well fed, able to attend school regularly, provided with a uniform, provided with school books and utensils and provided with medication if required.

The Area Development Project is a dedicated group of people who work tirelessly to bring about the changes we have seen in Lideta. They work closely with the community, visiting families, providing support, love and guidance.  The team is lead by a lady called Medonekia Sisay.  Medi is local to the community but is employed by World Vision.

North Herts Sanctuary:

Christchurch has for many years shown support and empathy for homeless people. This has increased since the North Herts Sanctuary for local homeless people was founded, as a charity, in 1992 in Letchworth Garden City and particularly since 1997 when it moved to its current premises in Nightingale Rd, Hitchin. There is a leaflet giving more details in the rotary holder and a box for tinned food donations in the Bradbury area. The charity can be further assisted by joining the volunteer cooks team or with fund raising events.


The Christchurch family regularly raises funds for a wide range of local and overseas charities. Ongoing support is given to North Herts Sanctuary, Lideta, Lazarus School for girls in Bethany, Jerusalem and the annual street collection for Christian Aid. We also donate to a wide range of other charities through fund raising events and the church’s annual donations budget allocated from the weekly collections on a Sunday morning. At times of international disasters we can add to this through one-off collections after Sunday services.

Christchurch Allotment:

The Church allotment is situated in Burford Way and although it was only started in May 2007, is already producing quality crops. The day to day management is in the hands of the ECO group. Working parties are held fortnightly but everyone is welcomed to join in at any time. Contact Viv Dent for more details.

Simpson’s Alms Houses:

The Simpsons Almshouses are located halfway up Hollow Lane, and are administered by a small group of Trustees, all members of Christchurch. The present four properties, built in 1931 and designed for single occupancy, offer a home to those in need under rules set out in Charity Commissioners’ Schemes. The accommodation offered is now fairly basic for today’s needs and the Almshouses are in need of significant refurbishment. The Trustees have embarked upon a refurbishment project that will require the raising of around £180,000 in addition to what can be funded from existing reserves. The Trustees are seeking volunteers to become involved in supporting the day to day work of administering the Almshouses and/or the fund raising and project management of the refurbishment project. Contact David Millman for details.

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