Coronavirus – information update 23rd August 2020

23rd August 2020:
Our latest Covid Risk Assessment Document is available here

Our most recent communication from the Trustees Oversight Group is below. We hope to get this updated soon.

It’s been a while since we updated our advice on how Christchurch is continuing to ‘be church’ in the Hitchin community. Here is our 27th May update.

On March 18th we published our guidelines for the start of lockdown. In some ways things have changed a lot in the last two months – in other ways, things are much the same! We are still staying at home as much as possible in order to protect each other, and to prevent the NHS being overwhelmed. We are not able to meet together at Christchurch for worship, and all the regular activities at the church such as Thursday Lunch Club, Open Church and the unformed organisations have been suspended for now. I don’t know when we will be able to meet again – and it may well be that for many people a time of isolation will be extended because of age or underlying health conditions. But the church is not the buildings or the activities – the church is the people. And the people are very much still here, still worshipping, still caring for each other, still looking out for God in the middle of all that is going on for our community.
WORSHIP is live-streamed on Christchurch Hitchin YouTube every Sunday at 10.45am. Please join us if you can – although we are separated geographically, we are one in spirit as we worship together. The order of service, prayers and hymns are on the Worship at Home page of this website beforehand, and on Sunday evening the text of the sermon is available too. This is posted out to those who are not online on Mondays.
MIDDAY PRAYER – every day at midday, you are invited to stop what you are doing for a couple of minutes, and say the Lord’s Prayer. I have an alarm on my computer which goes off at 12 noon precisely – and I’ve often paused a meeting or a pastoral phone conversation to say this traditional Christian prayer with whoever I am with at that time (virtually, of course!). It’s a lovely way to be together though we are apart.
GROUPS are still meeting – either on Zoom or on whatsapp. Contact your group leader, or get in touch with Greg Gould, to find out more.
WEEKLY is no longer full of dates and activities! But every week it is emailed or posted to everyone on our database. It includes a pastoral letter from the minister and news from members of the church family; it’s a great way to stay in touch with each other while we can’t meet up over coffee. If you’d like to send something to go in Weekly, contact our administrator Suzanne – Email. The deadline is Wednesday.
The CHRISTCHURCH FACEBOOK GROUP is another way to stay in touch. At the time of writing (the end of May) we have 218 members. Every day someone posts a ‘thought for the day’ reflecting on lockdown life and faith. And every morning at 8am, when I say morning prayer, I share a short reflection. Please do join me in starting each day in God’s presence. As well as this, plenty of Christchurch folk share comments, photos and family news on Facebook.
PASTORAL SUPPORT is being offered by phone, and sometimes by socially distanced visits. Stephanie is still running her dedicated group of volunteers who are shopping and collecting medication for those who are isolating, especially our friends at Archer’s Court. Please keep in mind those who are living alone, and don’t hesitate to pick up the phone. Old technology is still good technology! If you want to talk to the minister at any time, I’m (nearly) always here!
Stay safe, and stay in touch.
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07388 845 877
Val Reid – Email