Focus on… Young people 11-18

All in

Our youth activities are called All In because we want to live life to the full, we want to go all in with our faith and our passions. We want to be committed to something worth living for. We will go All In with Jesus because he goes All in for us!

The morning – Sunday 10:30-12noon

Our morning worship from 10:30am provides opportunities that are tailored to age. The whole church gathers for the first 15 minutes and then those aged 11-18 can join their special groups to explore interesting issues and see what the Bible has to say. We worship together and have discussion about how our faith can change the world we live in.

The evening – Sunday 6:30-8pm

On Sunday evenings we have our amazing youth group. It’s something different each week, from trying to cook a giant Twix to crazy games and inflatable sumo wrestling – there’s always something fun happening. It’s a free event, open to anyone aged 11-16.

Pack – Sunday 8-9:30pm

After All In we have our youth discussion group for 14-18s. We have a great time looking at the big issues in our lives and finding out what the bible says about them. We cover a wide variety of topics and there’s always a good selection of snacks.

Other events

There’s loads of other stuff going on throughout the year too, groups for older teenagers to go deeper in faith and be challenged, movie-themed sleepovers at church, visits to Soul Survivor celebration services as well as loads of opportunities to serve your community and have fun together.


We organise a residential event each term; in the winter we join with over a 1000 young people from Methodist churches across the country at 3generate. In the spring we have a Big Weekend away just for our church youth. And in the summer we attend the Soul Survivor festival for a week of great worship and adventure.