Loving and serving others

We show our love for each other, for our local and national community, and for the wider world in many different ways. This is our response to ‘Love your neighbour as (you love) yourself’.

  • refresh@christchurch
    Join us on Tuesdays and Fridays between 10am-1pm for coffee, chat and company – more details on our refresh@christchurch webpage

      • Meeting Needs
        Every month a team goes out to deliver furniture and other items to people who need them. We work with local housing officers, charities and the council to identify need. Items are donated by members and friends of Christchurch.
      • Simpson’s Almshouses
        The Simpsons Almshouses are located halfway up Hollow Lane, and are administered by members of Christchurch. The four properties, designed for single occupancy, offer a home to those in need

      • Church Flowers
        Learn with our team of flower arrangers who create displays for Sundays and other special occasions, or help our team who take flowers when they visit those who are ill or house-bound.
      • Eco church
      • Daisychains
      • Hitchin Foodbank
      • Helping Herts Homeless
        This is a registered charity which provides temporary accommodation for those who are single and homeless. In addition the Sanctuary also provides day services to help address the social and health needs of service users.
      • Christians Against Poverty (CAP)
        CAP is a nationwide charity which offers free debt counselling and support. We support the Hitchin Debt Centre which is run in partnership with Hitchin Christian Centre. You can find out more about how CAP can help here.