Key people

Christchurch has a dedicated Leadership Team, each person enabling a specific area of oversight.

Minister: Vacant until Summer 2019

Deacon: Sheralee Devitt

Leader of youth & children’s ministry: Tom Lewis

Church administrator: Mandy Pye

Senior Steward: Sara Crowley

Church Secretary: David Rossall

Treasurer: Chris Blackman


The Congregational Meeting is the heart, mind, ears and voice of Christchurch. It meets regularly for worship, discussion and to reach a consensus on all aspects of church life.

Christchurch is a charity, and the Christchurch Trustees fulfill the legal and financial responsibilities of the Charity as they oversee the life and work of Christchurch in accordance with the Constitution.

We are part of the North Herts Methodist Circuit (14 churches) and the North Herts Local Area Group of the URC (itself part of the Thames North Synod of the URC).