Key people

Christchurch is developing a dedicated team with oversight over specific areas, supported by our Trustees.

Minister: Val Reid
Leader of youth & children’s ministry: Kirstie Hunter
Senior Trustee Steward: Angela Griggs
Church Secretary: Currently vacant
Church Treasurer: Lydia Beckett
Part-time Administrator: Suzanne Kingham
Trustee Steward: Paul Arnold
Trustee Steward: David Box
Trustee Steward: Julie Mills
Trustee Steward: Tracy King
Trustee Steward: Janet Tackley
Trustee Steward: Pippa Arnold


The Congregational Meeting is the heart, mind, ears and voice of Christchurch. It meets regularly for worship, discussion and to reach a consensus on all aspects of church life.

Christchurch is a charity, and the Christchurch Trustees fulfil the legal and financial responsibilities of the Charity as they oversee the life and work of Christchurch in accordance with the Constitution.

As a partnership between two denominations, we are part of the North Herts Methodist Circuit (14 churches) and the North Herts Local Area Group of the URC (8 churches).