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Sharing Our Information Via the Internet

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Christchurch already uses email and the Web to distribute information among its members, but we want to do that more. We’re aiming to save time, effort and the environment (as long as we’re all selective about printing what we receive!)

There are too many members and friends at Christchurch for everybody to use a list of email addresses, so instead we have created a Yahoo group. By signing up with this group, you can receive and exchange the Weekly notices, meeting papers, dates, announcements and other information electronically, and do your bit to save both trees and other members’ time in printing, collating and distributing paperwork.

By then not taking paper copies of the same information, you can allow the print runs to be reduced, because of course they are all based on the number of copies we needed last time.

To sign up, you first need a free Yahoo account. That lets you join any group. After creating the Yahoo account, you need to go on to join the Christchurch group (and any others that interest you).

You’ll find our group at

The main Christchurch Web site will still be the place to go for our public information about major events and activities. The new group is for the circulation of our internal paperwork among members and friends.

We hope to “see” you there soon!